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Torg Cosms: Aysle


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Great Britain and Scandinavia have fallen under the control of this magical cosm. Technology has been stalled at a level around that of Earth's 14-15th centuries, but magic has more than made up for it. Spell casting is a common ability for the people of Aysle and magical (and mythical) creatures such as minotaurs, unicorns, and dragons are everywhere. Spiritual powers are also strong here. Imagine AD&D with slightly more technology (primitive pistols) and slightly less magic (wishes are not supported by Aysle's magic levels). Aysle is a cosm in civil war, torn between the forces of Light and Darkness, Honor and Corruption. The High Lord of the realm, Angar Uthorion, has lost control of Pella Ardinay, the noble lady he was supernaturally possessing. Uthorion is struggling to regain his position as High Lord, but the good and Honorable Ardinay is still physically linked to his Darkness Device.

The Axioms:

Technological: 15
Social: 18
Spiritual: 16
Magical: 18

The World Laws:

The Law of Observation
The Law of Magic
The Law of Honor
The Law of Corruption

Aysle: The Cosm of Magical Reality

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