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Torg Cosms: Nippon Tech


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Nippon Tech

The corporate aspect of the cyberpunk genre without the cyberware predominates this realm of high technology, double-dealing, and ancient martial arts(think "Blade Runner" and "Robocop" mixed well with Lustbader's "Nicholas Linnear" books). This cosm is similar enough to Earth's Japan (which is where they have invaded) that most of the world isn't even aware of its presence. Intrigue, betrayal, and vengeance make up daily life in this polluted, corrupt world. Unsuspecting nations around the world are accepting financial and material assistance from Japan, anaware that they are helping one of the invaders by doing so. The High Lord of this realm is the insidious 3327, aka "Ryuichi Kanawa". As head of "The Kanawa Corporation" (a front for his true megacorp, Ursan Industries), 3327 is a master of clandestine maneuverings and subterfuge.

The Axioms:

Technological: 24
Social: 22
Spiritual: 7
Magical: 2

The World Laws:

The Law of Profit
The Law of Intrigue
The Law of Vengeance

Nippon Tech: The Cosm of Mega-Corporate Reality

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