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Torg Cosms: Orrosh


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Orrosh is the cosm of horror, and has taken over Indonesia. It is a place rife with vampyres, werewolves, and undead creatures of all sorts, but those are by no means the only horrors that stalk the land. The World Laws of Orrorsh are designed to seduce all who fall under their powers to a life of evil: Wicked acts (that is, acts of unnecessary evil) grant those who commit them the power of Corruption, which serves to drive those corrupted souls to acts of greater evil. Magic is powerful in Orrosh, but the Gaunt Man (High Lord of Orrosh) has engineered it so that pure magic is rare. As a result, natives of Orrosh often rely upon the Occult (a form of wish magic empowered by Orrosh's Darkness Device), another snare in the arsenal of Eternal Corruption. The misguided (but well-meaning) Victorians struggle valiantly against the Gaunt Man, though they little realize that their every action serves to strengthen Orrosh's Ecology of Fear. Orrorsh is the most powerful of the invading cosms. Magic and spiritual energies are powerful here; the social and technological levels are about equal to Earth's Victorian society of the late nineteenth century.

The Axioms:

Technological: 19
Social: 20
Spiritual: 17
Magical: 15

The World Laws:

The Power of Corruption
The Power of Fear
The Law of Eternal Corruption

Orrosh: The Cosm of Horror Reality

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