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Torg Cosms: The Star Sphere


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The Star Sphere (aka The Space Gods)

The ancient astronauts of the Incan legends have returned to Earth. Ancient relics that they left behind have been utilized in the appropriate manner, sending a signal to the Star Sphere (which is actually another cosm) that Earth has advanced to a high enough level of technological and social advancement to warrant inclusion in the Star Sphere. The Space Gods arrive on Earth and are startled when they find out what the exact situation is on Earth (they had never encountered Darkness Devices or invading realms before) . The Space Gods represent the Sci-Fi genre (in a von Danniken vein), possessing space ships, alien races, bio-technology, and psionic powers. In addition, their realm is different from the others in that its presence isn't destructive to the well-being of Earth. However, they have inadvertently brought with them a horrible psionic disease (the dreaded Comaghaz) that now threatens to spread to the Earth!

The Axioms:

Technological: 30
Social: 27
Spiritual: 13
Magic: 7

The World Laws:

The Law of Religious Compatability
The Law of Acceptance
The Way of Zinatt

The Star Sphere:  The Cosm of Science-Fiction Reality

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