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"Chewie, I don't think we're in Anchorhead anymore..."

Star Wars is considered to be a special thing by many people: the perfect blend of shoot-em up action, cliff-hanging heroism, edge-of-your-seat chases, wondrous alien vistas, deliciously evil villains, mystical Jedi feats, and swashbuckling lightsaber duels. The sort of thing that a young boy's dreams are made of.

We saw it as a good start.

Our take on the Star Wars universe was... a bit different. Okay, it was a *lot* different. Over the 10+ years we played in the setting, we incorporated new (well, new to Star Wars, anyway) ideas. We edited out the cannonical things we didn't like so much (Fett's death, anyone?), and modified some of the existing material to up the challenge level (our Stormtroopers could hit the broad side of a barn using a targeting computer!). In short, we folded, spindled, and mutilated much of the source material, then blended in pretty much any and every movie, TV show, comic book, and video game that caught our fancy at the time.

This is not your father's "galaxy far, far away".

If you're a Star Wars purist, you'll likely hate what we did to the setting. We've introduced a lot of non-cannonical material. We changed the political face of the Galaxy: not only are the Alliance/Republic and the Empire not the only games in town, they're not even the biggest games in town. We made the universe a *much* deadlier place, and upped the power levels accordingly (Power gaming? Yes, but I like it too!). The Force is no longer has a monopoly in the arena of the supernatural, though you still don't want to get on Luke's bad side. Our campaign spans 3+ generations of love and war, of fortunes gained and fortunes lost, of friendships made and trusts betrayed. Our brand of Star Wars is like a swing orchestra: big, brassy, and a little outrageous, but lots of fun.

Eventually, these *will* be links!

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Well, *we* like it, anyway!

Star Wars is property of George Lucas. Mega Man is property of Capcom. They are very, very powerful entities who have the power to utterly crush every one of us. But they are benevolent, you know, the kind of people who wouldn't mind my using their property on my tiny, not-for-profit site. Please buy their stuff!