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Pharaoh Mobius' RPG HQ
Torg Cosms: The Cyberpapacy


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The Cyberpapacy

Brutal, medieval theocracy and the cyberpunk genre intersect in this truly original realm. The False Papacy of Avignon has spread its doctrine to our Earth's France, and it's got cybernetics and high-tech weapons and instruments to back itself up! The GodNet is a spiritual/electronic communications net incorporating virtual reality images with religious overtones and the cyberpunk 'decking' experience. Magic is powerful here (although not as powerful as the Church), but it is aided and abetted by Satanic forces. The world laws make certain that magic and 'heathen' religions are not as powerful as the Church of the Cyberpapacy. Because they're socially stuck in the Dark Ages, however, they don't make the most efficient use of their newly-acquired technological resources. The High Lord of the Cyberpapacy is Cyberpope Jean Malreaux I, a thoroughly charismatic and corrupt leader.

The Axioms:

Technological: 26
Social: 18
Spiritual: 15
Magical: 10

The World Laws:

The Law of the One True God
The Law of Suspicion
The Law of Ordeal
The Law of Heretical Magic

The Cyberpapacy: The Cosm of Cyber-Religious Reality

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