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Torg Cosms: Tharkold


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A high-tech and magical cosm ruled by evil technodemons and opposed by their 3000-year nemeses, the Race (ie, humans). Tharkold is a bizarre blend of magic and cyberpunk with a nasty edge to it (think "The Terminator" meets "Hellraiser"). Tharkold's world laws reward visciousness, the domination of others, and (strangely enough) sadomasochism (in regard to giving and receiving pain, anyway). Its High Lord is Jezrael, a human tactical genius who used the laws of her reality to her advantage to wrest the Darkness Device Malgest from the technodemon who possessed it. Tharkold has invaded Los Angeles and is seeking revenge on Nippon Tech for its part in foiling their last invasion attempt of Earth (in Soviet-controlled Asia).

The Axioms:

Technological: 26
Social: 20
Spiritual: 17
Magical: 12

The World Laws:

The Law of Pain
The Law of Ferocity
The Law of Domination

Tharkold: The Cosm of Techno-Horror Reality

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