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Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars


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The Storm Has A Name...

Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars

" epic game of adventure, magic and altered reality."

Torg is probably my favorite table top RPG of all time. Produced by West End Games (now D6/Legend, a subsidiary of Humanoids Group), Torg was a true cross-genre RPG, where medieval spellcasters, super-powered pulp heroes, cybernetic soldiers, modern-day covert operatives, martial arts masters, primitive shamans, and futuristic psychics could interact on more-or-less an equal footing, without one having an excessive advantage over another.
In Torg, the Earth (called Core Earth) has been invaded by alternate realities (called cosms) which seek to steal away its incredible store of possibilities. The rulers of these invading cosms (called High Lords) accomplished this by transforming portions of the Earth into *somewhere else*, with the ultimate goal of gaining enough possibilities to become the Torg (a nigh-omnipotent god-being). Initially there were six invaders (though one invaded in secrecy): Aysle (located in England), a realm of honor and corruption in a setting of magical high fantasy; the Cyberpapacy (located in France), a strange blend of cyberpunk and religious inquisition; the Living Land (located in North America), a "lost world" reality where those who survive the savage ecosystem must still stand against the followers of a primordial goddess; the Nile Empire (located in Northern Africa), the reality of pulp fiction where hardboiled detectives, superpowered Mystery Men, rough-and-tumble adventurers, and Weird Science inventors battle a mad Egyptian dictator; Nippon Tech (located in Japan), where the megacorporations of cyberpunk (without the cyberware) battle using ancient martial arts and cutting-edge technology; and Orrosh (located in Indonesia and India), a land where fire and brimstone theology and secret occult societies battle against the nameless horrors of the night, while all dancing to the tune of the insidious Gaunt Man. As the Possibility Wars progressed, more realities joined the conflict, such as Tharkold (located in Los Angeles), where technology and magic intertwine in often-horrible ways as demons and humans battle for the fate of a devastated world, and the Star Sphere (located in South America), where the astronauts of ancient Incan legends return to Earth, bringing fantastic technologies and a devastating psychic illness with them. Click the links to the right to learn more about the cosms of Torg.

Better do what he says... he looks mean!

Technodemon Prince Thratchen sez: "Support Torg products or I'll kill this guy some more! Come on, I mean it!!!"

The Kanawa Corporation

Sponsored by the Kanawa Corporation. We're here to help you with your Reality Raider fighting needs. Really, we're not part of the invasion. Pay no attention to the man behind the ATM! Look over there!!! <sneak>

The Cosms of Torg

Aysle: the Cosm of Magical Reality


The Cyberpapacy: the Cosm of Cyber-Religious Reality

The Cyberpapacy

The Living Land: the Cosm of Primitive Reality

The Living Land

The Nile Empire: The Cosm of Pulp Reality

The Nile Empire

Nippon Tech: The Cosm of Mega-Corporate Reality

Nippon Tech

Orrosh:  The Cosm of Horror Reality


The Star Sphere:  The Cosm of Science Fiction Reality

The Star Sphere

Tharkold: The Cosm of Techno-Horror Reality


Torg, the Torg Logo, Cosm, Possibility Wars, and all related terms and concepts, and cover art are property of West End Games/ D6/Legend, (c) 1990. Used without permission for this not-for-profit-site. Buy Torg products! =)