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Torg Cosms: The Living Land


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The Living Land

Huge sections of North America have fallen to the invading forces of this highly primitive and spiritual non-human cosm (think of Edgar Rice Borroughs' "Pellucidar", mixed well with Conan-Doyle's "The Lost World") . The native intelligent species of the Living Land are Edeinos (lizard-men), Stalengers (flying starfish), and Benthe (empathic blobs), though since the invasion of Earth, Neanderthals (humans transformed to Living Land reality) have appeared. In addition, "dinosaurs" of all kinds roam the land. Technology above the level of soft metalworking doesn't function here (which is strange, since the technology use of the natives shouldn't warrant it being that high), and magic doesn't function at all. However, the natives of this realm do possess amazing levels of spiritual power, making them more than a match for the suddenly helpless North American militias they're fighting. The High Lord of the Living Land is Barukh Kaah, Saar (high priest) of the Edeinos (Kaah is a highly cunning and underappreciated High Lord, in my opinion).

The Axioms:

Technological: 7
Social: 7
Spiritual: 24
Magical: 0

The World Laws:

The Deep Mist
Lanala's Love of Life
The Law of the Lost

The Living Land: The Cosm of Primitive Reality

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