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Pharaoh Mobius' RPG HQ
Torg Cosms: The Nile Empire


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The Nile Empire

Most of Africa is now under the influence of this strange mixture of 1930's pulp adventure and Egyptian mysticism (think of Doc Savage meets Indiana Jones with a little Flash Gordon thrown in for flavor, and with Egyptians substituted for Nazis). Life is like a movie serial (or an Indiana Jones adventure) here, with the action non-stop and the characters melodramatically one-dimensional (either Good or Evil). In addition to magical and spiritual forces, the cosm also boasts Weird Science, which allows people to build devices well beyond the normal laws of science (such as flight packs, lightning guns, force field belts, etc). The High Lord of this realm is the mad Doctor Mobius, a 3000 year-old resurrected Pharaoh turned master criminal. He has declared himself Pharaoh over the "Nile Empire", and claims to want to restore Egypt to her ancient glory.

The Axioms:

Technological: 21
Social: 20
Spiritual: 17
Magical: 12

The World Laws:

The Law of Morality
The Law of Drama
The Law of Action

The Nile Empire:  The Cosm of Pulp Reality

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